The Law Firm

A Professional Network of Excellence

Assistance at all levels

Passalacqua&Luzon has evolved to become a Legal Network of excellence that brings together, through partnerships, professionals who cover all areas related to judicial and extrajudicial legal assistance and advice, nationally, in Europe and internationally, in all areas of law: administrative, civil, criminal, commercial, corporate, tax, industrial and intellectual property in their many specializations.

The legal team founded and led by Gianfranco Passalacqua will be based at Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 326 in Rome, located between the Council of State and the Supreme Court of Cassation.

The goal has always been to provide assistance to customers, public and private, looking for excellent, tailor-made answers. The law firm therefore placed itself on the market as a “tailor shop”, rather than as a “boutique”, capable of multidisciplinary analysis and the realization of targeted strategies based on the specific needs of the customer. 

For criminal profiles, the law firm operates in partnership with Attorney Paola Balducci and Attorney Marco Franco.

For civil, corporate and insolvency profiles, it works in partnership with Studio Canfora – Del Nostro, Attorney Professor Francesco Pizzuto and Attorney Alessandro Luzon.

It also collaborates with Dr. Michelangelo Tondi, a certified public accountant and auditor, Dr. Francesco Zappia, a certified accountant and expert in facilitated finance, and Dr. Arturo Donnabella, a labor consultant.

International projection

Cavere, Respondere, Agere

Over the years the law firm has been enriched by the presence of professionals with articulated specializations, who today constitute a professional network of absolute excellence, capable of guaranteeing generalized and qualified assistance.

The academic projection of partners and collaborators constitutes a further guarantee of quality, connected to the identification of innovative solutions.
In ten years of activity, the law firm, its founding partners and professionals have been accredited by flattering acknowledgments both from the market and from institutions with which relationships have developed.
Particularly significant is the international projection of the law firm, which makes use of partnerships with excellent professional realities.

The law firm has its main office in Rome, between Castel Sant’Angelo and Piazza Risorgimento, and therefore close to the Court of Cassation, the Council of State, the Court of Auditors and the main administrative, civil, criminal and tax authorities.

International Legal Network

Areas of Activity

Public and administrative law
Environmental and urban planning law
Comparative law Italy - Israel
Commercial law
Civil right
Public Employment
Accounting Justice
Corporate law
European law
Film law and industrial law
Ownership And Transfer Of Real Rights (Real Estate Market Agreements)